About Us

Auditionist is a modern casting platform. To us, that means a couple of things:

Everything Online

We want the casting process wherever possible to occur online.

Everyone nowadays can record video on their phone. Which means only suitable candidates should show up in the first place to an audition or production.

On Auditionist, actors apply for a job with a private video. In many cases, our actors will then get cast without ever needing to show up to a physical audition. However, if they do need to physically audition they'll only be a handful of other candidates. Never dozens (or hundreds!). Actors win. Casting Directors win. Everyone's happy.

Our website helps handle all sorts of details like messaging all the actors regarding a last minute change to the callsheet, or verifying an actor's travel expenses. We sort out invoices and handle payment online. Productions can even pay unlimited actors with a single click. In a nutshell, we want to bring the benefits of software as a service, that's already transformed numerous other industries, to the casting industry.

In 2015 we built up our initial pool of actors, and 2016 has been about beta testing our software by casting dozens of paid roles for several production companies. In 2017 our focus will be on growing our base of production companies.

No Subscriptions

We believe actors shouldn't have to pay a thing unless we actually land them a job. Actors don't need unnecessary expenses. Imagine if Uber charged a subscription for their taxi service, rather than charged you per ride? We feel the same way with acting jobs. An actor shouldn't pay unless they actually land a job through us. We charge a modest commission, that helps pay for our expenses and grow our business.

All actors must have training and/or credits.

We don't charge production companies and don't plan on doing so either. One caveat of our free model is it only works for professional actors seeking paid work, so all jobs must be paid and we can't permit profit sharing projects or teaching jobs.

Check our FAQ for more details on payment.

Who We Are

Ben Albahari

Ben Albahari focuses on the tech side of the company. So if something doesn't work properly on our website, you now know who to blame! A proud geek, he's the author of the #1 selling book on the C# Programming Language, C# 6.0 in a Nutshell. Previously he worked as a Program Manager at Microsoft for 5 years.

Will Crosthwait

Will Crosthwait focuses on the sales and marketing side of the company. He's worked as an Assistant Producer and Assistant Director on numerous productions, with direct involvement in the casting process. When he's not flat out organising the latest job we've landed or helping an actor make their profile look its best, he's been known to indulge his passion for filmmaking.

Contact Us

We're always taking on board feedback from people in the industry and of course our actors, who we have to thank for so many great ideas!

Please email any suggestions, ideas or questions to hello@auditionist.com.