Cliff Chapman


Playing Age
25 to 38
5'8" / 173cm
Hair Colour
Hair Length
Short Medium
Eye Colour
Body Type
White Caucasian
Vocal Ability
Vocal Range
Singing Styles
Dance Ability
  • Guitar
  • Basic Dutch
  • English*
  • Archery*
  • Pool
  • Snooker
Facial Hair
Criminal Record Check
Acting Unions
Spotlight - Equity - IMDb - CCP
Meredith Westwood Management


The Actor Works, 2009 - 2011
LAMDA Gold Medal, 2009


Role Title Job Type Director Producer Year
Narrator Dulux Expert Commercial Voice Over - - 2017
Adullum Scions of Elysia Voice Over Matthew Renshaw Games Workshop / Black Library 2017
Esau Scythes of the Emperor: Daedalus Voice Over Matthew Renshaw The Black Library / Games Workshop 2017
Sebastian Scream Pathfinder Legends: Escape From Old Korvosa Voice Over John Ainsworth Big Finish Productions 2017
Narrator Larios Gin Internal Video Voice Over - - 2017
Narrator Dulux Expert App Online Commerical Voice Over - - 2017
Tebecai The Heart of the Pharos Voice Over Matthew Renshaw The Black Library/ Games Workshop 2016
Pelon Valerius Voice Over Matthew Renshaw The Black Library/ Games Workshop 2016
Magos Calculi The Calculus of Battle Workshop Matthew Renshaw The Black Library/ Games Workshop 2016
Balos Rane Perpetual Voice Over Matthew Renshaw The Black Library/ Games Workshop 2016
Magos Gerantor The Binary Succession Voice Over Matthew Renshaw The Black Library/ Games Workshop 2016
Norgaret/Knights Robin of Sherwood: Knights of the Apocalypse Voice Over Robert Young Spiteful Puppet 2016
Ollie The Battle of Ronaldsway Film - Professional JD Hampton Mannin Shorts 2015
Sherlock Holmes The Game Is On (4 episodes) Voice Over Bartolomeo Meletti CopyrightUser 2015 - 2017
Quintus Andronicus Titus Andronicus Theatre Ross McGregor Arrows And Traps 2015
Tyler Smith King Chaos Theatre - Fringe Steve Jordan BadBat Productions 2015
Jeremiah Baptiste Global Mega Inc Comedy Steve Jordan BadBat Productions 2015
Charlie Dry And Roasted At The Glitch And Turn Theatre - Fringe Paul McNeilly Paul McNeilly 2014
Rich The Christmas Party Film - Professional Dominic Ryan Carrot Top Productions 2014
Barry A Recipe For Disaster Theatre Steve Jordan Bad Bat Productions 2014
Tyler Smith Pilgrim Shadow Theatre - Fringe Steve Jordan ManMoth/BadBat 2013 - 2014
Lead Listen To Your Legs Commercial Simon Levene Scottish Government 2013 - 2014
Simon Paradox Series Internet James O'Shea - 2013 - 2015
Voices The Story Garden Voice Over Alex Mallinson Mechalex 2013
Tyler Smith Dead Static Theatre - Fringe Steve Jordan ManMoth Productions 2012
Karaoke Singer Born Beautiful: Marcella And The Forget Me Nots Music Videos - - 2012
Antonio Twelfth Night Theatre Raymond Daniel Davies Strawberry Shot 2012
Drunk Man Frayed Film - Professional Georgia Oakley Irresistable Films/Nutty Squirrel 2012
Hugo New Blood Film - Professional Dominic Stinton Resource Productions 2011
The Doctor A Hero's Journey Theatre - Fringe Steve Jordan & Patrick Baker ManMoth Productions 2011
Derek Fight For The Remote Voice Over Helen Oakleigh Fantom Films 2011