Playing Age
38 to 48
5'4" / 163cm
Hair Colour
Dark Brown
Hair Length
Eye Colour
Body Type
Mixed Race
Vocal Ability
Dance Ability
Dance Styles
  • Salsa
  • Aerobics
  • Snowboarding
  • General fitness


Acting For Camera, Actors Centre, 2005
Voice-Over, London Academy of Radio Film and TV, 2004
Acting, Morley College Acting Studio, 2002 - 2004


Role Title Job Type Director Producer Year
Ginny The Future Miss Smith Theatre - Fringe Caroline Ross Bedlamb 2018
Angelica Lloyds Bank Corporate Helen Plumb Lumesse 2016
Vicky MISYS Corporate Daniel Parkes Parkes Productions 2016
Woman Warburtons Corporate Tim Frewer Reel Film Locations 2016
Mum Gumtree Commercial Laurie Smith BT Sports 2015
Eleesha 492 Korna Klub Radio Tony Cealy Noh Budget Films 2014 - 2016
Mum Mind Ed Training Corporate Nicola Connolly Mind Ed 2014
Radiographer The C-Word TV Tim Kirkby BBC 2014
Presenter Living with IBD Corporate Simon Mercer Pearldrop 2014
Woman on Street BBC News on Mobile Commercial Adam Butcher BBC (Red Bee Media) 2013
Medic Between Radio Ed Baxter Resonance FM 2013
Newsreader Skins TV - E4 (Company Pictures) 2012
Krysta Random Acts Of Strangers Theatre - Fringe Gary Wright Bedlamb 2010
Mandy BSS Retail Commercial Andrew Cooper Andi 2 Entertainment 2010
Parent DD Voice Over Robert Bertrand Independent 2009
Kate Hard To Reach Corporate Farad Painchun Fuzz Free Media 2009
Sandra Maladjusted Film - Student Charlotte Hendy Student 2008
Sales Assistant Tescos Selling Skills Corporate Michael Keillor The Edge Picture Company 2008
Mattie The Beguiled Theatre - Fringe Steve Hubbard D.E.M. 2007
Georgina BT Openreach Corporate Richard Guy Saffron Interactive 2006
Agent Sonia Bygones Film - Student Ian Williams Time Dweller Productions 2006
Maggie Empathy TV David Richards BBC (Carnival Films) 2006
Theresa The Empire Film - Student Dolly Unachukwu Odybill Productions 2005
Various Little Miss Jocelyn TV Gareth Carrivick BBC (Brown Eyed Boy) 2005
Housekeeper Family On Fire Film - Student Tade Ogidan OGD Pictures Ltd 2005
Mum Dope Corporate Tricia Hemans Into Media 2005
Mrs Quill Stale Cabbage Theatre - Fringe Maria Griffin Fresh Productions 2005
Cashier The Pontefract Conspiracy Theatre - Fringe Chris Thomas Fresh Productions 2006
Mrs Arlington Owners Theatre - Fringe Caroline Ross Bedlamb 2004
Valmai A Night Under Canvas Theatre - Fringe Lorraine Hodgson Mulabanda 2004
Royette 360 Degrees Theatre - Fringe Carrie Rodd Three Peace Sweet 2003