Frequently Asked Questions






What's the quality of actors?

All the actors on Auditionist must have training or previous credits. Many have appeared on great shows, such as Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones. You can see an actor's credits on their profile.

How do I contact actors?

Use the "contact" link in the top right of an actor's profile page. If you're not registered, you can use the "invite" link to invite an actor to a job.

How do I post a job?

Once registered, you can click "Post Job" at the top left of your home screen.

How do actors apply for jobs?

Once you post a job, actors will receive invitations to apply if they match your job description (e.g. gender, age range, etc.). Actors apply by submitting a video of your choice:

  • Showreel is the default option for audition video submissions; self-explanatory.
  • Selftape to give specific instructions on a video you'd like talent to submit, such as a type of dance.
  • Stock Script to choose from over 100 short monologues you'd like actors to perform.
  • Your Script to write your own custom script for actors to perform.

Are auditions public?

Auditions are private to you and the people who you choose to share your casting. Registered actors see a blurred thumbnail but cannot access the video.

How quickly do actors respond?

Actors respond fastest if you’ve requested showreels. You will normally receive several responses within an hour. For videos requiring self taping, actors normally require a minimum of 4-24 hours.

How do I choose / screen actors who've applied for the role?

On a jobs card, you can see all the video submissions. When actors apply you can thumbs up their video to shortlist them or thumbs down them if they're unsuitable for the role. You can also see the decision and notes of any collaborators who’ve been invited to the casting.

How do I invite actors to a live audition or set?

You can invite any actors under the shortlisted tab of your jobs card by selecting “invite” then “Invite to audition” or “Invite to production”.

Can I invite colleagues to my casting?

Yes, using the menu (the down-arrow icon) on the jobs card, you choose "Share" link and enter email addresses of the people you'd like to partake in the judging process. They now have the ability to add notes and thumbs up / thumbs down actors who have applied to your casting.

Can I use my own dialogue for selftapes?

Yes, we have a custom, browser-based scriptwriter that is super simple to use. Select “Your Script” from the audition tab of the add jobs card. Please note, character names need to the CAPITALISED to include dialogue. The icons below the script editor help you format your script correctly.

Can I search via skills and appearance?

Yes, you can use the search feature on the homepage or by going to search. We have a wide range of appearances and skills you can select from to help find you the perfect actor. If there's anything you're having trouble finding, let us know!

Your current search query appears in your internet browser's address bar. You can bookmark it with your browser or copy it and send it out to a colleague. For example, here is a link to all women with blue eyes.

How do I message actors who’ve applied?

Once you invite an actor, a conversation is automatically started that you can continue via your messages view. You can also contact them via the "Contact" link on their profile.


How do I apply / what do I need to join?

If you have professional acting training or professional acting credits you can apply here.

Do I need headshots?

To appear in search you need at least one headshot. We recommend a diverse selection of headshots and photos.

Do I need a showreel?

You generally need a showreel when applying for roles, but you don't need one to set up a basic profile. However, we strongly recommend that you do submit a showreel along with any other videos of you acting to your profile page to get noticed by productions.

What if I have an agent?

Your agent is displayed on your profile. You can send their contact details to productions who are interested in you for a role.

How do I submit myself for roles?

You can apply using showreels or selftapes. The showreel option lets you choose between an uploaded video or Youtube video. Some productions ask for selftapes so that you can demonstrate a certain skill or act out a monologue from a script.

Can I clip my showreel into individual scenes?

Yes. Once you have uploaded your showreel to Auditionist, you can reuse it (choosing a clip within it) the next time you add a video.

How do I add photos and videos to my profile?

You can add photos and videos by selecting the plus sign in the media section of your profile.

How do I apply for a job?

Click the plus sign on the top right of the job card. You will then be promoted to submit a video.

What photo and video formats can I use?

You can use a wide variety of file formats for both photos and videos. There's a 10mb photo limit and 300mb video limit for uploads.

I'm having problems uploading my video or photos...

First check that your video or photo is indeed playable or viewable. If so, and you're still having problems, please email support.


How much do you charge productions?

It's completely free. To make money we charge a commission to actors when they land a job. That's how we can keep the service free for productions.

How much do you charge actors?

If you land a job through us, then we charge 10% + VAT. Otherwise it's completely free. It's free to set up your profile, it's free to upload as many videos as you like, and it's free to apply for jobs.

Why no subscription fees?

We only want to get paid if and when we actually help an actor get a job. We think that's the fairest system, and it aligns our incentives with everyone who uses our service.

How does the referrer system work?

It's a way for actors on our website to make extra money by helping us sign up new actors. You can earn referrer fees simply by sharing links to auditionist.

How much do I get paid as a referrer?

We give you half of the 10% we get for the first job generated via your referral. So for example, you send someone a link to our homepage. That person clicks on the link, and signs up. A few weeks later, they land a job worth £1000. When they get paid, you'll get paid £50.

There's a couple of caveats. First, the new sign up must not have previously clicked on someone else's referral link. Only the first referrer in that scenario gets the commission. Second, in the case we must have two referrers, we split the commission three ways rather than two. So you'd get a third of the 10%, rather than half. For more details, consult our terms and conditions.

We'll send you a personalised referral link via email or you can manually create one substituting yourusername in the link:

How and when do I get paid?

There's a link to a payment page when you log in. From there you can enter your bank account details. As soon as the employer pays us, we initiate the transfer to you, which typically happens within a day.

What is the minimum pay?

Please see our rates page.


What browser is best to use?

We support all the latest browsers. If you're getting a message telling you to upgrade your browser, please do so. If you're experiencing problems, we recommend installing Chrome.

Does your site work on mobile?

Yes, you can access full functionality from the latest versions of all mobile browsers. Having said, employers generally find laptops/desktops best for adding new jobs and screening talent, to best deal with the volume of content.

What happens if something goes wrong?

We offer comprehensive support that is available seven days a week, at all times of the day. Email us at

What are tags?

Tags demonstrate specific skills that can be found through search.