Playing Age
32 to 47
5'8" / 173cm
Hair Colour
Dark Brown
Hair Length
Eye Colour
Body Type
Asian - Indian
Vocal Ability
Vocal Range
Singing Styles
Dance Ability
Dance Styles
  • Disco
  • Freestyle
  • Line
  • Rock & Roll
  • Basic drums
  • Basic Guitar
  • Tambourine
  • American Southern
  • Irish
  • London
  • Midlands-East
  • Midlands-West
  • New York
  • West-Indian
  • Basic French
  • Basic Hindi
  • Fluent English
  • Fluent Gujarati
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Jogging
  • Pool
  • Running
Facial Hair
Full UK
Criminal Record Check
Acting Unions
Shenaz Khan (Niche Castings)


Locked N Loaded Props Ltd, Weapons and Tactics for Film, Chicester, 2016
Actors Cafe Workshop, Acting Class Exercise and Script reading, Watford, 2016
BBC Writers room Workshop for BECTU members, Media City, Manchester, 2015
Rushey Mead School Drama, Leicester, 1985 - 1986


Role Title Job Type Director Producer Year
Abhimanya Abhimanya Calling: Kali Chaudas Film - Short Manoj Anand Aj. H 2018
Airport Passenger Hobbs and Shaw Film - Professional David Leitch Hiram Garcia 2018
Parent in Car Dark Money (Series 1, Episode 2) TV Lewis Arnold Erika Hossington 2018
Christmas Market Vendor Wonder Woman 1984 Film - Professional Patty Jenkins Charles Roven 2018
Street Regular Coronation Street (Episode 9639) TV Tim Royle Ian MacLeod 2018
Street Regular Coronation Street (Episode 9638) TV Tim Royle Ian MacLeod 2018
Detroit Male Peaky Blinders (Series 5, Episode 1) TV Anthony Byrne Annie Harrison-Baxter 2018
Doctor Harry Karir Man Like Mobeen (Series 2, Episode 2) TV Ollie Parsons Gill Isles 2018
Customer Deep Water (Series 1, Episode 2) TV Harry Wootliff Rebecca Hodgson 2018
Mill Health Centre Patient Doctors (Series 20, Episode 58) TV Piotr Szkopiak - 2018
Suspect Pathan Commando 3 Bollywood Aditya Datt Vipul Amrutlal Shah 2018
Ferry Passenger The Rook (Series 1, Episode 8) TV China Moo Young Steve Clarke-Hall 2018
Parent Top Boy (Series 3 Episode 13) TV - - 2018
Bistro Regular Coronation Street (Episode 9603) TV Gill Wilkinson Kate Oates 2018
DBL Client Shakespeare & Hathaway (Series 2, Episode 2) TV Ian Barber Ella Kelly 2018
Street Regular Coronation Street (Episode 9595) TV Michael Lacey - 2018
Speed Daal Customer Coronation Street (Episode 9590) TV Duncan Foster - 2018
Rover's Regular Coronation Street (Episode 9589) TV Duncan Foster - 2018
Rahim Pendants of Destiny (Episode 0, 1,2,3 & 4) Internet Lewis Carter Lewis Carter 2018
Street Regular Coronation Street (Episode 9568) TV Ian Barber Ian Macleod 2018
1st Class/2nd Class Sikh Train Passenger Father Brown (Series 7, Episode 8) TV Paul Gibson Caroline Slater 2018
Wedding Guest De De Pyar De Bollywood Akiv Ali Bhushan Kumar 2018
Pedestrian Running From Gunman The Rook (Series 1, Episode 4) TV Sunu Gonera Amanda Tudesco 2018
Office worker/Businessman Suriya 37 Bollywood KV Anand A. Subaskaran 2018
Eddie Apocalyptic 2047 Independent Film Marc Hamill Ryan Flamson 2018
Jack's Family at Concert All You Need is Love Film - Professional Danny Boyle Richard Curtis 2018
Street Regular Coronation Street (Episode 9528) TV Alan Wareing Kate Oates 2018
Church Passerby Casualty (Series 33, Episode 6) TV Judith Dine Rebecca Hedderly 2018
Boat Immigrant Namaste England Bollywood Vipul Amrutlal Shah Jayantilal Gada 2018
Sardarji Mohan Singh Pind Ke Badmash Film - Short Dimple Kumar Atul Sharma 2018
St. Phils Hospital Porter/ Mr Anand BBC Doctors (Series 20, Episode 6) TV Niall Fraser Mike Hobson 2018
Train Singer 2 The Mysterious Diary Records The Voice Film - Short Manoj Anand Manoj Anand 2018
Curry Stall Holder/Street Passerby Ackley Bridge (Series 2) (Promo) TV - The Forge Entertainment 2018
Drunken Zabisco Naseeb 5D Bollywood Experience Live Theatre Ash Azam Kay Aujla 2018
Punter The Good Liar Film - Professional Bill Condon Greg Yolen 2018
Prime Minister's Bodyguard The Accidental Prime Minister Bollywood Vijay Ratnakar Gutte Sunil Bohra 2018
Cheese (Body Double) Curfew (Series 1, Episode 3) TV Colm McCarthy Simon Maloney 2018
Afghan Soldier #1 War of the Fallen Independent Film Aisleen Hodges Ian Hodges 2018
Cinderly Market Customer No Offence (Series 3, Episode 5) TV Misha Manson-Smith Philip Leach 2018
Hotton District Campaign Attendee Emmerdale (Episode 8143) TV Sean Healy Sophie Roper 2018
Arrested Airport Detainee Official Secrets Film - Professional Gavin Hood Ged Doherty 2018
Homeless Doctors (Series 19, Episode 213) TV Matt Carter Gail Evans 2018
Pedestrian Refusing to Give Money Hollyoaks (Episode 4889) TV Paul Riordan Vikki Tennant 2018
Hassan the Mechanic Ackley Bridge (Series 2, Episode 4) TV Joe Stephenson Alexander Lamb 2018
Wedding Guest Ackley Bridge (Series 2, Episode 1) TV Penny Woolcock Alexander Lamb 2018
Sri Lankan Patient A Private War Film - Professional Matthew Heinerman Basil Iwanyk 2018
Doctor Emmerdale (Episode 8061) TV Tim O'Mara Iain MacLeod 2017 - 2018
Doctor Emmerdale (Episode 8060) TV Tim O'Mara Iain MacLeod 2017 - 2018
Wedding Guest Yaar Bandhooka Bollywood Munesh Rawat Firuzi Khan 2017 - 2018
Narrator Where the Mind is Without Fear Film - Short Rajnish Sharma Rajnish Sharma 2017
Christmas Carol Singer Coke Head the Clown Film - Short Marc Hamill Marc Hamill 2017
Rovers Regular Coronation Street TV Durno Johnston Kate Oates 2017
Taxi Driver Ajay (Driver/Body Double) Shakespeare and Hathaway (Series 1, Episode 7) TV Piotr Szkopiak Ella Kelly 2017 - 2018
Counter Terrorism Support Unit Officer Informer (Series 1, Episode 1) TV Jonny Campbell Julian Stevens 2017 - 2018
Mosque Goer Man Like Mobeen (Series 1, Episode 2) TV Ollie Parsons Gill Isles 2017
Theatre Attendee Shakespeare and Hathaway (Series 1, Episode 4) TV Carolina Giammetta Ella Kelly 2017 - 2018
Millionaire Hotel Guest Hate Story 4 Bollywood Vishal Pandya Bushan Kumar 2017 - 2018
Circus Attendee Midsommer Murders 'Send in the Clowns' (Series 20) TV Nick Laughland Guy Hescott 2017 - 2018
Pavoroti Z Django Codename Vasquez Independent Film Suchet Budon Suchet Budon 2017 - 2018
Gentleman's Club Punter The Dangerous Summer 'Fire' Music Videos Lewis Carter James Norbury 2017
Jedi Cosplayer Doctors "Staggered" (Series 19) TV David Lewis Richardson Peter Wild 2017 - 2018
Fight Punter/Club Dancer/Casino Gambler Firrkie Bollywood Ankoush Bhatt Naresh Bansal 2017 - 2018
Roy's Rolls Regular Coronation Street TV Brett Fallis Kate Oates 2017
Bistro Regular Coronation Street TV Gill Wilkinson Kate Oates 2017
Miner/Refugee Shoes on a String Theatre Parang Khezri Elaine Williamson 2017
Paparazzi/Award Show V.I.P Art is Dead Film - Professional Luke Oliver Ian Hodges 2017 - 2018
Doctor Emmerdale (Episode 7956) TV Pip Short Iain MacLeod 2017
Narrator (voice) The Bathtub Murders Film - Student Jenell Diegor Jenell Diegor 2017 - 2018
Cleaner Marcella (Series 2, Episode 1) TV Charles Martin Ann Harrison-Baxter 2017 - 2018
Mill Health Centre Patient Doctors (Series 19) TV E. Marshall - 2017
Sleeping Plane Passenger Aiyaary Bollywood Neeraj Pandey Shital Bhatia 2017 - 2018
Pathan - Hockey Spectator/Jazz Drummer Gold Bollywood Reema Kagti Farhan Akhtar 2017 - 2018
Parent Doctors (Series 19) TV Dominic Keavey Lee Thomas 2017
Indian Market Salesman The Royals (Series 4) TV Mark Schwahn Les Butler 2017
Senate Photographer Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom Film - Professional J.A. Bayona Frank Marshall 2017 - 2018
Sophisticated Indian Guest 1921 Bollywood Vikram Bhatt Vikram Bhatt 2017
Press Photographer Swimming with Men Film - Professional Oliver Parker Stewart Le Marechal 2017
Omar the Head Cook Patient 52 Film - Short Sonny Michael Chohan Sonny Michael Chohan 2017 - 2018
First Class Sikh Merchant Born a King Film - Professional Agustí Villaronga Stuart Sutherland 2017 - 2018
Plane Passenger Judwaa 2 Bollywood David Dhawan Sajid Nadiawala 2017
Café Customer Doctors (Series 19) TV David Richardson Gail Evans 2017
Camera Crew Man Lunacy for Beginners Film - Short Roger Horlund Roger Horlund 2017
French Courtier Victoria (Series 2) TV Oliver Blackburn Paul Frift 2017
Mr Singh - Flashback Wedding Guest The Boy with the Top Knot TV Film Lynsey Miller Nisha Parti 2017
Plain Clothes Police Officer Rellik (Series 1) (Ep 4) TV Sam Miller Chris Clough 2017
Employee #3 Flipyou (Series 2) Internet Mike Yoeman Laura Wilkinson 2017
Mr McMohan Cocky Bora Bora Film - Short Hitesh Pandya Hitesh Pandya 2017 - 2018
Plain Clothes Police Officer Rellik (Series 1) (Ep 3) TV Sam Miller Chris Clough 2017
Plain Clothes Police Officer Rellik (Series 1) (Ep 2) TV Sam Miller Chris Clough 2017
Royalist The Door Opens Inwards Film - Short Manoj Anand Manoj Anand 2017
Rahid's Uncle Bancroft (Series 1) TV John Hayes Phil Collinson 2017
Scientist #8 The RockMan Internet Glenn McAllen-Finney Kelly McCormack 2017
Asian Relative Wedding Guest Doctors "Stop All the Clocks" (Series 19) TV Edward Dick Lee Thomas 2017
Brewery Guest Midsommer Murders (Series 20, Ep1) TV Matt Carter Ian Strachan 2017
Charanveer's Relative Mubarakan Bollywood Anees Bazmee Murad Khetani 2017
Train Passenger Quick Quid Commercial Mike Wright Happy Hour Productions 2017
Paparazzi Photographer Madness in the Method Film - Professional Jason Mewes Dominic Burns 2017
Bistro Regular Coronation Street TV Gill Wilkinson Kate Oates 2017
Market Shopper Strike (Series 1, Episode 1) TV Michael Kellor Jackie Larkins 2016 - 2017
Consultant BBC Doctors "Wise Up Part Two" (Series 18) TV Owen Brenman Peter Leslie Wild 2016 - 2017
Consultant BBC Doctors "Wise Up Part One" (Series 18) TV Owen Brenman Peter Leslie Wild 2016 - 2017
Bistro Regular Coronation Street TV Tony Prescott Kate Oates 2016 - 2017
Mourner Broken (Series 1, Ep 5) TV Noreen Kershaw Donna Molloy 2016 - 2017
Wake Attendee Broken (Series 1, Ep 4) TV Noreen Kershaw Donna Molloy 2016 - 2017
New Years Party Guest You, Me and Him Film - Professional Daisy Aitkens Georgia Tennant 2016 - 2017
Mansion Guest/Funeral Dancer Atithi In London Bollywood Ashwin Dhir Abhishek Pathak 2016 - 2017
Street Shopper Coronation Street TV Duncan Foster Kate Oates 2016
Mosque Committee Member Citizen Khan: 'Khan's Niece' (Series 5) TV Karl Rooney Anil Gupta 2016
Machette Sting/Jedi Halloween Reunion Film - Short Marc Hamill Marc Hamill 2016
Prisoner Father Brown (Series 5) TV Paul Gibson Trudy Coleman 2016 - 2017
Civilian Kaleidoscope Man Film - Professional Simon Cox Richard Wood 2016 - 2017
Drunk Zombie Redcon-1 Film - Professional Chee Keong Cheung Mark Strange 2016 - 2017
Pub Goer BBC Doctors "Trespass" (Series 18) TV Christiana Ebohon Peter Bullock 2016 - 2017
Malik's Funeral Mourner Citizen Khan: 'Funeral' (Series 5) TV Nick Wood Anil Gupta 2016
Doctor BBC Doctors "Meat is Murder" (Series 18) TV Niall Fraser Peter Leslie Wild 2016
Nora's Doctor No Offence (Series 2) TV Rob Quinn Paul Abbott 2016 - 2017
Aaron's Wedding Guest Pearls of Africa Film - Professional Sharon Agina Sharon Agina 2016 - 2017
Prison Visit Solicitor Emmerdale TV Diana Patrick Ian Macloed 2016
Masked Cult Member Alien Convent Film - Professional Marc Hamill Ian Hodges 2016 - 2018
Nazir Family Relative Coronation Street TV Neil Alderton Kate Oates 2016
Bystander Witness Blackcats and Bankers Film - Short Aisleen Hodges Ian Hodges 2016
Samba Agha Cholay - Teaser Trailer Film - Short Noni Harrsion Manoj Anand 2016
MCM Member Passage of my Youth Film - Professional Chun Siu Chun Cheung Ka Fai 2016 - 2017
Arsenal Football Supporter Sky TV Football Commercial - Brothers and Sisters Ltd 2016
Icon Bar Customer/Patient BBC Doctors "Craving" (Series 18) TV Ruth Carney Peter Leslie Wild 2016
Corporate Pedestrian The Hitman's Bodyguard Film - Professional Patrick Hughes Dana Goldberg 2016 - 2017
Gambler Ladbrokes Casino Commercial Will Rank Group 2016
Customer Gelato Village Icecream Commercial Kieran Chauhan Bipin Anand 2016
Warden Area39 Agency Commercial Fredi Nwaka Fredi Nwaka 2016
Rocker I Can't Swim Film - Short Manoj Anand Manoj Anand 2016
Hetro Couple Care Fertility Commercial Anil Nataly Together Agency 2016
Foster Care Class Member BBC Doctors "Ladies of the Day" (Series 18) TV Alexander James Jacob Peter Leslie Wild 2016
Customs Officer Kareem Khan Borderline (Series 1) TV Matt Jones Ralf Little 2016
Paramedic Little Bastards Independent Film Wayne Yuppie Wayne Yuppie 2016 - 2018
Fight Spectator Jawbone Film - Professional Thomas Q. Napper Michael Elliott 2016 - 2017
Court Usher BBC Doctors "Blood of a Poet" (Series 18) TV Piotr Szkopiak Carol Harding 2016
Bar Customer Concrete Love "Dysphoria" Internet Steffan Zachiyah Thompson Steffan Zachiyah Thompson 2016
Poetry Show Guest Concrete Love "No Escape" Internet Idriss Assoumanou Steffan Zachiyah Thompson 2016
Shakespeare Theatre Goer BBC Doctors "That Time of Year" (Series 18) TV Ian Barber Caroline Slater 2016
Airport Traveller In the Club (Series 2) TV Audrey Cooke Key Mellor 2016
Male Nurse BBC Doctors "age Concern" (Series 17) TV Piotr Szkopiak Caroline Slater 2016
Male Nurse BBC Doctors "On The Beat" (Series 17) TV Piotr Szkopiak Caroline Slater 2016
Male Nurse BBC Doctors "This Ones for You" (Series 17) TV Piotr Szkopiak Caroline Slater 2016
Prison Visitor Happy Valley (Series 2) TV Sally Wainwright Sally Wainwright 2015 - 2016
News Reporter (Voice Over) 6' 23" Film - Short Ujjwal Mandhania Ujjwal Mandhania 2015 - 2016
Businessman Flip You (Series 1) Internet Mike Yoeman Laura Wilkinson 2015 - 2016
Coffee Shop Customer Brotherhood Film - Professional Noel Clarke Noel Clarke 2015 - 2016
Wedding Dancer/Concert Rocker Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Bollywood Karan Johar Karan Johar 2015 - 2016
Wedding Guest/Dancer Murdered by my Father TV Film Bruce Goodison Toby Welch 2015 - 2016
1940's/1950's Patron Grantchester (Series 2) TV Ed Bennett Emma Kingsman-Lloyd 2015 - 2016
Piano Concert Goer BBC Doctors "The Hunter" (Series 17) TV Chris Walker Dawn Coulson 2015 - 2016
Shopper Tesco Christmas Commercial Daniel Kleinman Bartle Bogle Hegarty 2015
Posh Party Guest/Gurdwara Volunteer Housefull 3 Bollywood Farhad-Sajid Sajid Nadiadwala 2015 - 2016
Restaurant Customer BBC Doctors "Speaking Up" (Series 17) TV Christiana Ebohon Dawn Coulson 2015
Shopper BBC Doctors "From Daddy with Love" (Series 17) TV Christiana Ebohon Dawn Coulson 2015
Guard To Kill is Not Enough Film - Student Daniel Michael Thomas Daniel Michael Thomas 2015 - 2016
Wedding Guest / Paparazzi Photographer Fan Bollywood Maneesh Sharma Aditya Chopra 2015 - 2016
Mosque Attendee ID2: Shadwell Army Film - Professional Joel Novoa Patrick Cassavetti 2015 - 2016
Criminal Investigation Officer/ Office Worker The Paradox Series (ep 2,4,6,8) Internet James O'Shea Cagney Walsh 2014 - 2017
Prison Guard Manya Through My Eyes Film - Short Aj H. Aj H. 2015
Pub Goer The Hunted: Outbreak Film - Short Aisleen Hodges Ian Hodges 2014 - 2017
Asian Man Guilty Pleasures TV Pilot Sonny Michael Chohan Sonny Michael Chohan 2015 - 2016
Ali Jive Talk Film - Short Andy Douglas Andy Douglas 2014 - 2016
Wedding Guest Shaandaar Bollywood Vikas Bahl Karan Johar 2014 - 2015
Consultant BBC Doctors: The Man Who Was King (Series 17) TV Tracey Larcombe Dawn Coulson 2015
Ramesh BBC Doctors: The Heart of England (Series 17) TV Pip Short Lee Thomas 2015
Abhimanya Lyca Mobile: Abhimanya Commercial Manoj Anand Amrita Jazzmyn 2015
Football Fan Paddy Power: T-Shirt Cannon Commercial Jim Gilchrist Joseph Taussig 2015
Park Football Spectator Carlsberg: Kickabouts Commercial James Brown Lucy Hayes 2015
Street Walker Unilever: Farewell to the Forest Commercial Nicolas Perez Veiga Debbie Ninnis 2015
Pedestrian Coronation Street TV Tony Prescott Stuart Blackburn 2015
Belmont's Gunman Vigilante Style Independent Film Edward James Smith Edward James Smith 2014 - 2018
Charity Ball Guest To Trend on Twitter Film - Short Andy Wooding Oli Gots 2015 - 2017
1940's Jazz Club Patron Dreaming of Peggy Lee Film - Short James Everett James Everett 2014 - 2015
Cricket Spectator Phantom Bollywood Kabir Khan Sajid Nadiadwala 2014 - 2015
Don Juan The Elephant in the Room Film - Short Amrita Jazzmyn Manoj Anand 2015
Manoj Patty Cake, Patty Cake Film - Short Roger Horland Eve Harding 2015
Boardroom Member/Marauder We Final Few Film - Short Marc Hamill Carl Hamill 2015
Tuxedo Cowboy "Fame is Your Driver" - ViX & her MsChiefs Music Videos Mark Pressdee Victoria Perks 2015
Rock Crowd Member Guitar Hero Live Video Game Giorgio Testi - 2015
Clubber Beverley Film - Short Alexander Thomas Cass Pennant 2014 - 2015
Manager Bully Film - Short Ujjwal Mandhania Ujjwal Mandhania 2014 - 2015
Homeless Man All I have in this World is my Word Film - Short Manoj Anand Amrita Jazzmyn 2014
Mr Malhotra Tum Ho Kaun Mere Film - Short Mohammed Mayat Mohammed Mayat 2014 - 2015
Prime Minster's Bodyguard Revol Film - Student Keith Allott Karen Stevens 2014
Rugby Doctor Concussion Awareness Corporate Steve Lawson Steve Lawson 2014
Party Guest Govindudu Andari Vaadele Bollywood Krishna Vamshi Ganesh Babu 2014
Cinema Audience Rose Film - Student Steven Galloway Emma Hammond 2014 - 2015
Gig Attendee Rock Band Vs Vampires Independent Film Raed Abbas Malcolm Galloway 2014 - 2016
Homeless M & M Shelter Film - Short Tom Young Rebecca Bryers 2014
Bhooth World Ghost Bhoothnath Returns Bollywood Nitesh Tiwari Bhushan Kumar 2014
Abhimanya Fate of Reality Film - Short Aj H. Aj H. 2013 - 2017
Police Manya Khokha Film - Short AJ. H. Aj. H. 2013
Hobo/Policeman/Firefighter/Reporter The Wrong Floor (Toxic Apocalypse) Independent Film Marc Hamill Carl Hamill 2013 - 2016
Zombie Zombie Earth Live: Apocalypse Roleplay Richard Wheatcroft Richard Wheatcroft 2013
Abhimanya Abhimanya: The Darkness of Bhabhooti Film - Short Aj H. Milan Anand 2013
Local Outside Rock Bar Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 Bollywood Sangeeth Sivan Sunny Deol 2012 - 2013
Picnic Passerby Brookside "Mistake" TV Jeff Naylor Mal Young 1992