We set minimum rates for commercials and corporates, which are as follows:

A Featured Artist plays an essential part of the story and is requires considerable direction.

Please phone us on 020 360 33733 or email our sales department to determine buy-out.

For television the rates are dependent upon usage per country, which are given by the Television Usage Fee Calculator.

Walk On - £200 / day

A Walk On requires some acting skill, but has little or no dialogue and requires minimal direction.

Extra - £100 / day

An Extra has no dialogue, and isn't an essential part of the story, other than to provide realism to scenes.


  • Employers are expected to pay for expenses, such as travel costs.
  • The rates is 1.5 times if the shoot time starts before 7am or goes beyond 11pm.
  • For BBC or ITV productions, we use the rates agreed upon with Equity.


Auditionist charges actors 10% plus VAT, for any job landed through us.

There are no sign-up fees, and no subscription fees.